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Escape To Worlds Beyond Imagination With Multi-Genre Author

Volume 1
In The Hands Of The Gods

Coming of age against the backdrop of World War II Japan, an American boy, Connor Williams, tormented by his personal alienation and the horrors of war, places himself in harm's way and into the turmoil of a plot to overthrow the Emperor.

Whether it was out of fear, revenge, honor or personal salvation, this American teenager sat himself, of his own free will, in the pilot's seat of a Mitsubishi Zero, to join other young Kamikaze pilots hell-bent on attacking the powerful American fleet off the coast of Japan.

In the Hands of the Gods, Book 1 of The IJIN Trilogy traces the Japanese historical period between 1936 through the bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, telling the story of World War II from the Japanese perspective. Using historical and fictional characters, IJIN explores the political, military, cultural and social events affecting the lives of Connor's adopted Japanese family and the political and military individuals they encounter.

Now available in paperback, hardcover, & Kindle edition


“Frank Fiore excels with character development and with fast-moving, powerful fiction. The reader quickly becomes attached to well-developed, charismatic heroes. Fiore’s writing style is structured, cogent and evocative. His protagonists and primary characters are entertaining, well developed and delivered with expressive dialog. They induce depth and fervor for the reader. His books are swift, persuasive and very difficult to put down. Not only is Fiore a talented and descriptive author; he creates layer after layer of intrigue and excitement. His characters’ voices project a compelling story that streams ever forward. Fiore also does a masterful job with research. The pace of his novels increases exponentially, with explosive conclusions."

Charles S. Weinblatt

Author, Jacob’s Courage

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