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Frank Fiore, Author

Frank Fiore is a bestselling author with more than 50,000 copies of his non-fiction books in print. He has now turned his talents to writing fiction.

Frank has also written “To Christopher” that, under the guise of a book to his young son, leads the reader through social commentary, personal experience and entertaining stories that take the reader on a thoughtful journey through the challenges and opportunities that face the next generation. Frank’s writing experience also includes guest columns on social commentary and future trends published in the Arizona Republic and the Tribune papers in the metro Phoenix area. Through his writings, he has shown an ability to explain in a simplified manner, complex issues and trends.

During his college years, he founded, wrote and edited the New Times newspaper, now a multi-state operation, which recently purchased The Village Voice. Frank’s interests in future patterns and trends range over many years and numerous projects. He co-wrote the Terran Project, a self-published book on community futures design processes, and worked as a researcher for Alvin Toffler on a series of high school texts on the future. He has designed and taught courses and seminars on the future of society, technology and business and was appointed by the Mayor of Phoenix to serve on the Phoenix Futures Forum as co-chairperson; serving on several vital committees.

Frank has a B.A. in Liberal Arts and General Systems Theory from Stockton State College and a Masters Degree in Education at the University of Phoenix. He and his wife of 30 years have one son. They live in Paradise Valley, AZ.


Praise for Frank Fiore

“Frank Fiore excels with character development and with fast-moving, powerful fiction. The reader quickly becomes attached to well-developed, charismatic heroes. Fiore’s writing style is structured, cogent and evocative. His protagonists and primary characters are entertaining, well developed and delivered with expressive dialog. They induce depth and fervor for the reader. His books are swift, persuasive and very difficult to put down. Not only is Fiore a talented and descriptive author; he creates layer after layer of intrigue and excitement. His characters’ voices project a compelling story that streams ever forward. Fiore also does a masterful job with research. The accuracy of his fiction is very convincing. His Jeremy Nash series, following up on his powerful thriller Cyberkill is as exciting, if not more so, than any similar contemporary fiction. As with Cyberkill, the Jeremy Nash series is loaded with metaphor and reality, a powerful combination. The pace of his novels increases exponentially, with explosive conclusions.

Charles S. Weinblatt
Author, Jacob’s Courage