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Fiore strikes with his new concept in westerns. A concept he has claimed, and called “The Fastest Reads in the West.” Fast paced, action packed, shorter stories than your traditional Wester novel.
The second book in this, exciting and action-packed series is called “The Lawmen of the West,” and tells the story of one Sheriff pitted against one wandering murderer, and their fight for survival.

With two bestselling westerns already under his gunbelt Frank F. Fiore strikes a chord with western readers around the world, and asks two very important questions? How far would you go to catch a criminal, and how far would you go to kill a lawman?


High Noon? Short Lunch but you need to escape from everyday life? The Fastest Reads In The West Series focuses on the action and adventure fans of western literature love, in fast-paced stories that fit to your schedule. The bullets fly before its time to get back to work. Get your fix of the old west today!


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