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When James Crosby learns that his son has been imprisoned by the local Sheriff he ventures into Blackfoot to get him released. Little does he know that the whole town is going to erupt into a battlefield with the arrival of a gang of Southern Traitors hell-bent on killing and pillaging their way across the North. Crosby must fight for the life of his son, save the town and rid the town of this dangerous menace.


With one bestselling western already under his gunbelt Frank F. Fiore strikes a chord with western readers around the world, and asks one very important question? Would you stand and fight for the things you love… or would you walk away and let your whole world fall apart?


High Noon? Short Lunch but you need to escape from everyday life? The Fastest Reads In The West Series focuses on the action and adventure fans of western literature love, in fast-paced stories that fit to your schedule. The bullets fly before its time to get back to work. Get your fix of the old west today!


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